Alex Bekeza is The Most Highly Reviewed Loan Officer on and specializes in DSCR based financing as well as purchase + rehab products.  He has funded over $100,000,000 worth of loans for connections made via BP.  Alex is also a BRRRR investor himself with a portfolio of rentals in St. Louis, Missouri.  He’s hyper focused on servicing the demand of Veterans on housing assistance in need of high quality housing in South City and has developed a relationship between the local case workers and his property management team.  Born and raised in Los Angeles but you will spot him at REI Meetups all over the country as he regularly makes himself available as a guest speaker to educate investors about unique loan products to help them scale a portfolio quicker.  When he’s not working on Real Estate Alex likes to spend time with his wife and 3 young sons enjoying everything the SoCal environment has to offer from hikes, beaches, and days relaxing on the lake.