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At Investor Property Loan (IPL) we specialize in working with seasoned real estate investors. We pride ourselves in being able to offer the most competitive investment property loan programs some of which investors and brokers are unaware of. That includes programs with the big banks, CMBS conduits, insurance companies, community banks, debt funds, Fannie/Freddie, and private money.

Our staff is highly educated and trained on how these loan programs work and will recommend the program that best suits your investment strategy needs based on your financial situation.

Your IPL team is here for the long haul and not a single transaction. Our goal is to build a life-long partnership with you to help you further build your real estate portfolio. Stop wasting time at your local bank, who only offers one lender’s product, and call one of our seasoned loan professionals today.

Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to working with you!
-The Investor Property Loan Team

Our Team

Matt Landesman

President & Loan Originator

Matt is the dynamic force propelling Investor Property Loan’s journey. Armed with a decade of experience in the realms of real estate and finance, Matt initiated his career at Velocity Mortgage Capital, a distinguished national commercial lender. His strategies elevated funding volumes from $25M per month to an impressive $65M per month during his tenure. This instrumental experience fueled his drive to establish IPL, a testament to his commitment to direct client engagement. Under his skillful guidance, IPL has flourished into a powerhouse, seamlessly facilitating over $100M+ in annual loans, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Beyond his role as President, Matt too invests actively in both commercial and residential real estate, a testament to his unwavering belief in the industry’s potential. Matt finds equal joy in his personal life, cherishing quality moments with his wife and daughter. He also infuses his life with outdoor activities, navigating challenging trails on his mountain bike and carving through glistening snow on a snowboard. Beyond these pursuits, Matt’s heart resonates with his Chatsworth community as he dedicates himself to his local church, personifying his values of service and compassion.

Justin Landesman

Co-President and Loan Advisor

Justin is a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in the residential and commercial real estate industry. Having successfully secured over $1 billion in funding, he has played a vital role in the growth and success of various ventures. His expertise helped him excel as an investor in different properties around the country and as a leader for multiple companies. Notably, he contributed to the management of one of the country’s largest investment property lenders, Velocity Mortgage Capital, showcasing his ability to navigate complex financial landscapes. Justin’s academic background includes a focus on commercial real estate at Cornell University, which has further fortified his knowledge and understanding of the industry. Outside of work, Justin enjoys quality time with his wife and three daughters, going on trips together and engaging in thrilling activities like skiing, dirtbike and mountain bike rides. He is also heavily involved with his Church in serving the San Fernando Valley.

Alex Bekeza

Loan Originator

Alex Bekeza is The Most Highly Reviewed Loan Officer on BiggerPockets.com and specializes in DSCR based financing as well as purchase + rehab products.  He has funded over $100,000,000 worth of loans for connections made via BP.  Alex is also a BRRRR investor himself with a portfolio of rentals in St. Louis, Missouri.  He’s hyper focused on servicing the demand of Veterans on housing assistance in need of high quality housing in South City and has developed a relationship between the local case workers and his property management team.  Born and raised in Los Angeles but you will spot him at REI Meetups all over the country as he regularly makes himself available as a guest speaker to educate investors about unique loan products to help them scale a portfolio quicker.  When he’s not working on Real Estate Alex likes to spend time with his wife and 3 young sons enjoying everything the SoCal environment has to offer from hikes, beaches, and days relaxing on the lake.

Kevin Post

Loan Originator

Kevin is an investment property financing expert. With background experience in business development & finance, Kevin understands the numbers when it comes to real estate investing. Not every loan type or lender is the best match for your investment property. Kevin specializes  in advising & executing the best strategy for your long term real estate goals. With experience working with those new to the investing world & those with 50+ property portfolios, Kevin has connections to key players in real estate financing that can provide everything from private money loans to banks that finance large commercial properties on a nationwide scale.

Sasha Mohammed

Loan Originator

Sasha is a licensed Real Estate agent and Mortgage Loan Originator in California. With over a decade of experience in mortgage, she specializes in all loan types collateralized by Real Estate, NATION-WIDE. From residential loans for consumers to commercial loans for investors. Sasha is your go-to mortgage money specialist.

Brandon Beardt

Loan Originator

Brandon Beardt is a mortgage loan officer with Investor Property Loan. He is experienced in the financing of residential and investment properties ranging from 1-5+ units. For the 2022 year, Brandon had helped fund over 40 transactions, equating to over $20,000,000 in loans funded. Brandon’s goal is simple: Communicate with clients, understand their needs and goals, and offer solutions for their problems all while providing unrivaled service and value.
On his off days, Brandon enjoys playing golf, jiu jitsu, hiking, and working out.

Jonathan Taylor

Loan Originator

Jonathan offers a unique perspective to IPL with a proven track record. He successfully completed a heavy renovation house hack with a zero-money-down loan and followed it with an ADU conversion on the same property. This experience lead him to out-of-state investing utilizing the BRRRR strategy. As an investor himself, he understands that each client has unique needs and tailors his solutions to their specific goals. His commitment to his clients is exemplified by forging long-term relationships and is evident in his role as the go-to financing expert for real estate advice from the start. From seasoned investors to eager new comers, Jonathan has the financing solutions to grow your portfolio.When he isn’t crafting creative financing, he spends his time globe-trotting to over 50 countries with his wife or cruising down the coast on his motorcycle. Even on his off days though, you can find him guest speaking at local REI meetups.

Givo Aghasi

Loan Originator

Givo is a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in residential and commercial real estate. Having successfully funded over $100 million in fundings, he has been instrumental in the growth and success of various ventures. As a licensed Real Estate agent and Mortgage Loan Originator in California, Givo specializes in all loan types nationwide. With a background in business development & finance, he excels as an investment and commercial property financing expert. Givo’s expertise spans advising and executing the best strategy for long-term real estate goals, catering to investors of all levels, from newcomers to those with extensive portfolios. With a network of key players in real estate financing, Givo can facilitate everything from Fix & Flip, DSCR, Private money loans and financing for large commercial properties nationwide.

David Bilandzija

Loan Originator

David Bilandzija is a mortgage loan originator and associate broker with Investor Property Loan.   David brings over ten years of knowledge and expertise from his prior experience as an account executive with a wholesale lender.   David earned his bachelors degree from UC Santa Barbara where he studied History and Economics.  It was during his time in school that he developed a strong interest in real estate.  Following graduation he acquired a handful of investment properties where he gained valuable insight for his current role as an originator working with investors.   Beyond his professional life, he can often be found on a local golf course, enjoying the outdoors and honing his skills on the fairways and greens.

Tim Sun

Loan Processor

Tim Sun is a Loan Processor with Investor Property Loan. As a Loan Processor, his goal is to deliver excellent service through effective, transparent, and regular communication on top of ensuring the loan process is as smooth as possible. Outside of the office, he frequently works on computers and assembling model kits.

Ko Kashiwagi

Loan Originator

Ko is the newest addition to our team, currently completing his final quarter as a Business Economics major at UCLA. Ko has accumulated two years of real estate experience through sourcing value-add investments for fix & flippers. Having lived in Tokyo, London, and now Los Angeles, Ko’s global perspective enriches his approach to building client relationships. His background in international business consulting equips him with a strategic edge in understanding diverse client needs. Recognized for his effective communication and growth-oriented mindset, he is dedicated to offering tailored solutions that meet each client’s unique needs and goals.


What our client says?

We specialize in real estate investment financing.

Unlike big banks we do not require tax returns for investment property loans at the best rate.