Funded Deals

SFR Purchase CTC in 8 Days

Orange County, California
Loan Amount /$726,000
Borrower first contacted IPL @ 8PM on Halloween evening after being in cotract for 23 days and a bank turning down the deal. Nevertheless we started the loan and got it cleared to close in 8 calendar days.

Super Prime Jumbo Financing

Venice, CA
Loan Amount /$1,473,750
We helped this borrower for over a year until he found his dream home and perfect rate despite the crazy market.

100% LTV Purchase of 90 Units

Baton Rouge, LA
Loan Amount /$3,698,000
We helped with the initial bridge debt to acquire this property with 100% LTV. Just over a year later we refinanced our internal funds with permanent agency debt.

What our client says?

We specialize in real estate investment financing.

Unlike big banks we do not require tax returns for investment property loans at the best rate.