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Residential Property Loans for Modern Investors

Get approved with no tax returns, income statements, or DTI calculations. If rents received are 1.15 times greater than PITI you qualify.

We specialize in real estate investment financing.

We specialize in real estate investment financing.

When it comes to residential investment properties it is important to know that there are better options than then the big banks. At IPL we have several programs that are just as competitive, but don’t require all the burdensome paperwork like tax returns and income verification.

If your rental property cash-flows, and you have good credit, then you have a great chance at qualifying with low rates, minimal fees, and 30 year amortization. Once we analyze your property, investment strategy, and financial situation we will offer you the most competitive options available in today’s market. Contact us today at (800) 440-8350 to learn more and get a loan quote. 

Residential Loan Program Features:

  • Low credit requirements (640)
  • Low interest rates guaranteed
  • No tax returns or income verification required
  • High LTV
  • Must own primary residence
  • Property must cash flow
  • Single family residents, condos, 1-4 unit properties
  • 5-year and 7-year 30 years fixed
  • Loan amounts $300K – $2.5M